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BITx Token Exchange

Please read and understand the rules / guide below before sending us any tokens.

We maintain a spreadsheet of accepted tokens here

Since BITx operates on the XRP Ledger the BITx token exchange offer is intended to benefit those who have already been invested in the wider XRPL community.

Exchanging other XRPL tokens for BITx:


This offer is designed to enable holders of other XRPL tokens that may be dead/rugged/untradable or otherwise unwanted tokens, or even just a small (or large) balance of any XRPL token, to exchange them for the BITx token. A token being on our list is not an opinion regarding that token, we would love to be able to have all XRPL based tokens on the list! There's no need to contact us requesting the BITx as we proactively monitor all transactions. We aim to send all outstanding BITx within 14 calendar days, we're usually much quicker.

- You should check the spreadsheet for currently accepted tokens before you send any tokens to our wallet: rGWDWrmk4GBgMbWkTUnpFKqK6W31S9xvqE
- You must send 100% of your holdings of the particular token you wish to exchange to our wallet. You will receive 0.1 BITx in return (reduced from 0.5 BITx on 22/03/2024, reduced from 1 BITx on 12/01/2024).
- We will manually vet all requests and may decline to send BITx to wallets which appear to us likely to be farmers/bad actors. This includes but is not limited to such things as:

Blatantly transferring tokens you want to exchange for BITx into or out of the wallet you are sending us tokens from in an attempt to claim more BITx at a later date or to avoid sending 100% of your tokens as per the rules.
Selling most of a particular token shortly before sending the remainder to claim BITx.
Sending the same token from multiple wallets.
Holding the same token in multiple and/or wallets linked by payments/activation history but only sending a token balance from one wallet.
Sending your full balance of a token multiple times.
Buying very small amounts of a token just before sending it to us (not in the spirit this offer is intended)
Selling your BITx within one calendar month of receiving it/them from us.
Sending us tokens from a wallet with a history of 'token-farming-like behaviour' such as consistently selling and removing tokens from the wallet by transfer or sale.

We may but are not obliged to return any tokens sent to us from wallets we judge to be acting in bad faith/not in the spirit this offer is intended, be warned. Because of our manual vetting process we tend to discover more token farmers/bad actors than other projects. Inevitably such people get upset and create fud when they are found out/called out. Anyone participating in our Airdrop/Token exchange offers in good faith can contact us at any time via Twitter DM. Once your wallet has been flagged as per any of the above it is unlikely you will receive any BITx from us via the token exchange, if you are in doubt please DM us on Twitter and we will confirm if your wallet has been flagged or not.

- You can send more than one token, for example Token1 & Token2, you must send 100% of your holdings of each, in this example you would then receive 1 BITx in exchange.

All tokens sent to our wallet in exchange for BITx will be held in our wallet rGWDWrmk4GBgMbWkTUnpFKqK6W31S9xvqE until at least 13th July 2024. After this date we reserve the right to burn, hold, sell or otherwise do with them as we wish, we will provide public updates with regards to this.

*If you're holding an XRPL token that you would like to exchange for BITx but we are not currently accepting that token please contact us via Twitter ( requesting us to accept that token, our team will review and respond.



Warning: 'Crypto' can be extremely volatile. Always do your own research and be prepared for any digital/crypto asset to become worthless, regardless of any value you may have exchanged for them or placed upon them.

Thank you BITx Team




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